A Guide to Minimalist Clothing

We own too many things! This simple statement is a description as well as an indictment of our generation. It applies to almost every area of our lives; clothing, furniture, even greeting cards. Over the course of our lives, we accumulate so many things and the rate of our purchases have outpaced our needs. This clutter of unnecessary materials is one of the most subtly dangerous parts of our lives as millennials. It reduces our productivity because we have to spend so much time sorting through unnecessary stuff before getting to the things we actually need.

Clothing is an area where this is particularly obvious. We accumulate so many clothes and shoes such that every morning is a mini election period in its own right. We spend so much time and mental effort selecting clothes, matching colors and trying to ensure that we pull off a look that is trendy and fanciful. This process unconsciously dampens our productivity. By the time you get to work, you are already mentally exhausted from deciding what to eat and what to wear, add in the stress of commuting and you no longer have to wonder while you are unable to put in your best at work.

The minimalist movement has mercifully come to our rescue. You must have heard or read about minimalism one way or the other, but not to worry if you’re still a little ignorant about the idea. The basic principle of minimalism is to purchase as few things as possible, majorly just the essentials. Also, it involves getting rid of items as soon as they become obsolete and out of use. No need getting unnecessarily attached to clothes and shoes that only needlessly clutter up your closet.

If you’re wondering how to pull off minimalism as far as your clothing is concerned, here are a few tips.

No more Impulse Clothes Shopping

Your days of buying clothes simply because they look good in the store window are over. You need to get structured with your purchasing habits. Have scheduled periods when you go to get new clothes, once in a month or even once in two months should do. This may seem very austere, but you’ll get used to it as time goes on. Planning your shopping like this will help you get disciplined and you’ll purchase only what you’ll need, more importantly, you’ll be saving cash and keeping your clothes closet uncluttered. Win Win!

Wear Catholic Colors

Hey, I don’t mean you should wear Vatican or papal robes. Catholic here refers to general colors that go easily with other colors; colors like black, brown, grey, and some dark forms of blue. This way, you don’t have to get many other clothes or accessories to match what you already have.


As soon as you notice that any of your clothes have gotten obsolete; maybe you don’t wear them any longer (for reasons like getting tight or just no longer catching your fancy), give them out immediately. You could find someone who would appreciate them or go the nearest Salvation Army office. There’s no point leaving clothes you don’t wear any longer, they’ll soon start cluttering!

The minimalist lifestyle will help you live happier and even increase your productivity. You can pull this off!

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