Quality will never ever trump quantity. You have to get your money’s worth by only buying the best clothes with the best cloth. Good quality clothing will always be a fashion must. Big brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M, Balmain, and Versace among others didn’t get the name they have right now because of selling cheap cloth. We can’t deny that famous brands equal quality workmanship. But nowadays, outlet stores have sneaky marketing tricks to fool you into more for a lesser quality clothes. How will you ever know that that dress you bought will last? You yourself have to learn to discern what the best worth is for your money.


If you have no idea on what to look for in a well-made garments, these tips below will help you in buying high quality clothes that you can get with your money.

The “Hand” of the Fabric

This may seem like a character from Game of Thrones but it’s actually not. This is actually the fancy term that refers to the feel of the fabric in your hand. You can really feel the difference of a good quality fabric from a low quality one. The trick is to get your hands to feel different expensive fabrics and then go to the fabric of the clothes you want to buy and see and feel for yourself the difference. If your hand can’t feel the difference, rub it across your cheek. If it seems scratchy or itchy on your cheek, it will probably feel scratchy and itchy all throughout your body too.

Page BreakSeams and Hems

You can tell the quality of the clothing with the quality of the stitching.  Better quality clothing have more stiches per inch and have a tighter seams. This means the tighter the hold of the seams, the less likely the clothing will tear apart therefore it could last longer though tear and wear and a lot of laundry. High quality clothing have the raw edge of hems turned under or covered with hem tape. With a good hem comes a great movement and drape of the clothing. If the hem is uneven, this could hint that the clothing is not well-made.

Buttons, Closures, Zippers, Pockets

Always look for extras button that is usually attached to the clothing. This can save you money and time if ever your button gets broken. The closure of a clothing should be flawless without any thread going out.

For zippers, make sure that it is laid and sewn flat. For pockets, make sure that it sewn with the same fabric as the rest of the clothing.


See to it that the pattern of the clothing is not uneven. This is one of the reasons why good quality clothing is expensive because it takes a long time and fabric to align and match them.

The Extra Details

Keep sight of loose buttons, exposed zippers, loose seams and threads. This could mean poor workmanship and cheap fabrics.

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