Technology has given us the opportunity to cool ourselves instantaneously. Nowadays, we can now buy air conditioner at our own convenience. We can just go to the nearest home appliances store and if you have the money to buy it, then voila, you can enjoy a cozy, cool and refreshing day at home.  But before buying an air conditioner, there are a few things that should be considered. It’s not enough that you just buy any air conditioner that can provide you cool air and that’s it. There are actually a lot of types of Tampa air conditioner that is suitable for a particular type of home or office environment.

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These questions blow will guide on how to pick the best air conditioner for you when you shop.

What are the types of air conditioner?

There are a lot of types of air conditioner that is available in the market. So far, they have been classified into 4 types. We have the wall-mounted, the window-mounted, the wall and window mounted and the portable.

The wall-mounted is obviously the one that can be temporarily or permanently install in the wall by attaching a metal stick through it.  It can be easily repaired and replaced because it is easily accessible.

The window-mounted, which is the most common type for homes, can only be installed in double-door windows because most of the time the ones that are sold are wide and bulky. They’re easy to install and is a little cheap more than the others.

The combination window and wall mounted can be installed in a wall or in the window depending on the user.

The portable air conditioner can be rolled wherever. This is more expensive than others but then again it is very easy to store and to move from one room to another.

How do I find the perfect size unit for the room?

This is a very essential question because most of the time people buy air conditioner buy the size that doesn’t really fit with the area that they have and so they have to make adjustments on the room instead and that’s not very ideal.  The trick is to measure the area intended for the air conditioner to be put into. It’s much easier to fill in an air conditioner too small for the area than an air conditioner bigger than the intended area.

It’s important that you get just the perfect size and power of an air conditioner for the whole entire room to cool. You need an air conditioner that is not too big and not to small so that the air quality of the room is also perfect.

What are the features that I should look for?

Remote control

This handy feature lets you adjust the temperature from anywhere inside the room.

Sleep mode

This is convenient for night time to avoid chills because it raises the temperature a little bit.


Automatically turns the air conditioner on or off at a scheduled time so it heats up or cools down the room in advance.


Look for the manufacturer’s warranty that is usually from 1 to 2 years for parts and labor.

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