A Guide to Minimalist Clothing

We own too many things! This simple statement is a description as well as an indictment of our generation. It applies to almost every area of our lives; clothing, furniture, even greeting cards. Over the course of our lives, we accumulate so many things and the rate of our purchases have outpaced our needs. This clutter of unnecessary materials is one of the most subtly dangerous parts of our lives as millennials. It reduces our productivity because we have to spend so much time sorting through unnecessary stuff before getting to the things we actually need.

Clothing is an area where this is particularly obvious. We accumulate so many clothes and shoes such that every morning is a mini election period in its own right. We spend so much time and mental effort selecting clothes, matching colors and trying to ensure that we pull off a look that is trendy and fanciful. This process unconsciously dampens our productivity. By the time you get to work, you are already mentally exhausted from deciding what to eat and what to wear, add in the stress of commuting and you no longer have to wonder while you are unable to put in your best at work.

The minimalist movement has mercifully come to our rescue. You must have heard or read about minimalism one way or the other, but not to worry if you’re still a little ignorant about the idea. The basic principle of minimalism is to purchase as few things as possible, majorly just the essentials. Also, it involves getting rid of items as soon as they become obsolete and out of use. No need getting unnecessarily attached to clothes and shoes that only needlessly clutter up your closet.

If you’re wondering how to pull off minimalism as far as your clothing is concerned, here are a few tips.

No more Impulse Clothes Shopping

Your days of buying clothes simply because they look good in the store window are over. You need to get structured with your purchasing habits. Have scheduled periods when you go to get new clothes, once in a month or even once in two months should do. This may seem very austere, but you’ll get used to it as time goes on. Planning your shopping like this will help you get disciplined and you’ll purchase only what you’ll need, more importantly, you’ll be saving cash and keeping your clothes closet uncluttered. Win Win!

Wear Catholic Colors

Hey, I don’t mean you should wear Vatican or papal robes. Catholic here refers to general colors that go easily with other colors; colors like black, brown, grey, and some dark forms of blue. This way, you don’t have to get many other clothes or accessories to match what you already have.


As soon as you notice that any of your clothes have gotten obsolete; maybe you don’t wear them any longer (for reasons like getting tight or just no longer catching your fancy), give them out immediately. You could find someone who would appreciate them or go the nearest Salvation Army office. There’s no point leaving clothes you don’t wear any longer, they’ll soon start cluttering!

The minimalist lifestyle will help you live happier and even increase your productivity. You can pull this off!

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Technology has given us the opportunity to cool ourselves instantaneously. Nowadays, we can now buy air conditioner at our own convenience. We can just go to the nearest home appliances store and if you have the money to buy it, then voila, you can enjoy a cozy, cool and refreshing day at home.  But before buying an air conditioner, there are a few things that should be considered. It’s not enough that you just buy any air conditioner that can provide you cool air and that’s it. There are actually a lot of types of Tampa air conditioner that is suitable for a particular type of home or office environment.

air conditioner

These questions blow will guide on how to pick the best air conditioner for you when you shop.

What are the types of air conditioner?

There are a lot of types of air conditioner that is available in the market. So far, they have been classified into 4 types. We have the wall-mounted, the window-mounted, the wall and window mounted and the portable.

The wall-mounted is obviously the one that can be temporarily or permanently install in the wall by attaching a metal stick through it.  It can be easily repaired and replaced because it is easily accessible.

The window-mounted, which is the most common type for homes, can only be installed in double-door windows because most of the time the ones that are sold are wide and bulky. They’re easy to install and is a little cheap more than the others.

The combination window and wall mounted can be installed in a wall or in the window depending on the user.

The portable air conditioner can be rolled wherever. This is more expensive than others but then again it is very easy to store and to move from one room to another.

How do I find the perfect size unit for the room?

This is a very essential question because most of the time people buy air conditioner buy the size that doesn’t really fit with the area that they have and so they have to make adjustments on the room instead and that’s not very ideal.  The trick is to measure the area intended for the air conditioner to be put into. It’s much easier to fill in an air conditioner too small for the area than an air conditioner bigger than the intended area.

It’s important that you get just the perfect size and power of an air conditioner for the whole entire room to cool. You need an air conditioner that is not too big and not to small so that the air quality of the room is also perfect.

What are the features that I should look for?

Remote control

This handy feature lets you adjust the temperature from anywhere inside the room.

Sleep mode

This is convenient for night time to avoid chills because it raises the temperature a little bit.


Automatically turns the air conditioner on or off at a scheduled time so it heats up or cools down the room in advance.


Look for the manufacturer’s warranty that is usually from 1 to 2 years for parts and labor.

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We see on magazines and newspapers everyday about high fashion clothes that are too expensive for the budget. We can’t all always afford a high end shoes or dress all the time (unless you are a Hollywood star and a celebutante, then you can). However, there are tricks that can make any item in our closet look expensive without spending too much money. The trick is just to style your clothes in a way where they don’t look tacky. Always remember that looking well-dressed doesn’t take lots of money, it’s all in the way you carry yourself and a little bit of creativity and innovativeness.

If It Fits Good, It Looks Good

You know what’s worse than getting tight clothes?  It’s getting the oversized ones. The trick is to get everything tailored to your size. Don’t wear clothes that are too big for you because it’s going to make it look cheap that what it’s actually worth. Take that trip to the tailor and make the clothes fit exactly your size. It will elevate your clothes and will make it more expensive than it is.

It’s all in the Accessories and Styling

If you’re too lazy (or busy!) to go to tailor, then accessorize your outfit well! Get a belt to hoist it your figure. Or you can pick the earrings that will look great with fabric. You can add gold accessories to make your outfit structured and shiny. Keep your handbags and purses clean too. Nothing says cheap more than a dirty bag. Make sure that your make-up and your hairdo looks great with your outfit. They affect the whole outfit too. Opt for a clean and laidback hairdo for a casual day and night out.

Keep It Pressed and Fresh

This will give a polished look to your clothes. Any wrinkles will make anything cheap plus, you’re not showing your clothes in best shape, too. If you don’t have an iron, you can opt to steam it. Steaming your clothes can give it a fresh smell because it gets rid of any lingering bad smell.

Go for the Neutrals

Whites and Blacks can make you look put together. Plus it can help elongate your body, too. Neutrals and really saturated colors that is bright and crisp give you a bold and rich tones that will make it look expensive.

Pick Timeless Pieces

Each season brings different fashion trends. Pick the timeless classics because not only can you save money by not catching up to the trend every single time but you’re also being fabulously fashionable every time and everywhere.

Match Everything

Match every feature of your outfit from your shoes to your bag to your hair to your makeup. Basically, everything. You can match by color palette, or by fabric, depending on your preference. But when you’re in doubt, the easy way to keep safe is to keep your accessories in the same color. This will ensue that your outfit looks intentional and stylish.

Remember to always keep everything simple!

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Quality will never ever trump quantity. You have to get your money’s worth by only buying the best clothes with the best cloth. Good quality clothing will always be a fashion must. Big brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M, Balmain, and Versace among others didn’t get the name they have right now because of selling cheap cloth. We can’t deny that famous brands equal quality workmanship. But nowadays, outlet stores have sneaky marketing tricks to fool you into more for a lesser quality clothes. How will you ever know that that dress you bought will last? You yourself have to learn to discern what the best worth is for your money.


If you have no idea on what to look for in a well-made garments, these tips below will help you in buying high quality clothes that you can get with your money.

The “Hand” of the Fabric

This may seem like a character from Game of Thrones but it’s actually not. This is actually the fancy term that refers to the feel of the fabric in your hand. You can really feel the difference of a good quality fabric from a low quality one. The trick is to get your hands to feel different expensive fabrics and then go to the fabric of the clothes you want to buy and see and feel for yourself the difference. If your hand can’t feel the difference, rub it across your cheek. If it seems scratchy or itchy on your cheek, it will probably feel scratchy and itchy all throughout your body too.

Page BreakSeams and Hems

You can tell the quality of the clothing with the quality of the stitching.  Better quality clothing have more stiches per inch and have a tighter seams. This means the tighter the hold of the seams, the less likely the clothing will tear apart therefore it could last longer though tear and wear and a lot of laundry. High quality clothing have the raw edge of hems turned under or covered with hem tape. With a good hem comes a great movement and drape of the clothing. If the hem is uneven, this could hint that the clothing is not well-made.

Buttons, Closures, Zippers, Pockets

Always look for extras button that is usually attached to the clothing. This can save you money and time if ever your button gets broken. The closure of a clothing should be flawless without any thread going out.

For zippers, make sure that it is laid and sewn flat. For pockets, make sure that it sewn with the same fabric as the rest of the clothing.


See to it that the pattern of the clothing is not uneven. This is one of the reasons why good quality clothing is expensive because it takes a long time and fabric to align and match them.

The Extra Details

Keep sight of loose buttons, exposed zippers, loose seams and threads. This could mean poor workmanship and cheap fabrics.

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